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So What Is Phlebotomy? 

Phlebotomy is also known as venipuncture and it simply describes the process of collecting blood samples from patients for the purpose of lab diagnosis and other medical health uses. Phlebotomy goes back a long way in history and the process although seemingly easy today was not in time past as it was something quite complicated which even led to loss of many lives. 


Phlebotomy is a procedure which is seen performed for health reasons by medical personnel and even nurses. Most times, medical interns, nurses and those just starting to work in medical health in hospitals are required to carry out this procedure before going further to work in their certified fields in the hospital.


Phlebotomy goes back in time to the ancient Greeks. Greek physicians studied about phlebotomy and its uses as well as ways to improve on it that was how they got to find out that phlebotomy was essential when it came to diagnosis through blood samples. The methods and techniques used in time past to collect blood samples were rather painful, stressful and barbaric. Incisions which were not so deep were usually made on the patient’s bodies and this of course resulted in heavy blood loss. Not up until the 1900s, people lost their lives when this procedure was performed due to most times, excessive blood loss. The science of phlebotomy received significant changes thereon from decade to decade as new and pain-free ways were discovered to make the process more relaxing for the patient and also, it was found that instead of it just being a way to treat illnesses, it was a medical process necessary for diagnosing diseases and telling the state of a patients health at large. (Great resource for phlebotomy training:


Looking at the field of phlebotomy today, we can see lots of benefits to it around us. The ability to be able to collect blood samples has led to the discovery of many diseases, the cure for many diseases which were once believed to be incurable as well as the discovery and in depth study on many diseases which otherwise would have been tough to tackle or even know anything about. This has gone a long way to bring down the number of records of diseases around the world today as well as the successful eradication of many killer diseases. Without phlebotomy, there would be no need to go further with any studies on DNA. The basic for DNA testing, analysis and research is blood samples. The world of medical health has a lot to say in connection with this common field of study. In medical health, a lot of improvements have been made over the years and this would not have been possible if not for the help of phlebotomy.


In the practice of this profession, blood is usually collected from a major vein which runs in the arms and this is done under strict and ruled conditions to ensure the safety of the patient, lab staff and the hospital co-workers. 



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